About Us

Uptown Fitness
Lake Mills, Iowa
Our Mission


Uptown Fitness in Lake Mills promotes lifelong health and wellness to everyone in our community through exercise, yoga, education, and supportive relationships.




Uptown Fitness opened in March 2017 to expand current classes in Jazzercise, Yoga and to add indoor cycling, boot camp and other fitness offerings.


Heather Yeoman started the Jazzercise franchise in Lake Mills in 2007, which is still hopping today with multiple class offerings: 

Dance Mixx, Dance Mixx Lo, Core, Strike, Fusion & Interval Fusion. Rachel Olson now owns and manages Jazzercise while Heather manages Uptown Fitness.


Since our beginning, we've added yoga, indoor cycling and a cycling club.  We are thrilled to launch into the next decade of fitness offerings in our new location and in our community!