Bella Candle Factory - Pink Dolce: Cinnamon Scented dessert jar candle

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Handmade sweet dessert candle, each candle made with great care to promise sweet uniqueness. This is what makes each candle one of a kind piece.

Use this candle as a touching sweet gift for any reason you need a gift, if you want to spoil yourself, or if you need a special gift for someone you love and even if it is not for someone special, you will leave a memorable impression for anyone giving this sweet candle.

Height: 3.88 In

Jar Capacity: 270ml (9.1oz)

Total Weight: 15-16oz might be differences upon handmade designs

Wax: Natural vegan Soy Wax and natural fragrance oils

Made in USA

Burn time approximately 35-40 hours

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